Azin Group (International Transport Company And Intrnational Trading Company

Hereby, you are kindly notified that:

"Azin Tarkhis Trade" Company was established in 1998 to provide

commercial services in the field of foreign trade, and has since then

been providing international trade services in such countries as

Turkey, Germany, Italy, Dubai, etc. In addition to its headquarter in

Tehran, it has offices in the above countries, and taking the

advantage of a qualified local personnel, it professionally offers trade

services. Recognizing the problems with the transportation of

importers’ goods in a timely manner, this company has established

"Rah Azin Jadde" International Transportation Company to load

the commodities at the origin and transport and discharge that, and

then deliver that to the respectable merchants at the destination.

Traders have long had concerns about transportation and dischar of

commodities beside their concerns regarding the choice of products.

Hence, "Rah Azin Jadde" International Transportation Company

has been established relying on years of experience in execution and

management of transportation and discharge, and is honored to

serve you the respectable importers and producers, in the field of

full-truck and group transportation from European and Asian ports

and discharge of commodities at customs....

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