Company international introduction.


RAH AZIN JADE INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION COMPANY founded in 1377 in order to provide business services in the scope of foreign trade and it has been to provide business services especially in turkey, Germany, Italy and Dubai.

In addition to central office located in Tehran, has offices in the countries mentioned, having experience

ed staffs and native to provide specialized business services.

This company has established the international shipping company with a diagnosis of timed problems of goods transport importers so that the goods will be delivered to the merchants cherished by loading the goods from the origin and carriage of the goods and clearance it .

This has been the most long-standing problems of merchants that the next product selection, the hassle of shipping and customs clearance of goods is the most important issue in foreign trade. Therefore, international transport company has started the activity with reliance on almighty god and relying on several years experiences of executive and carriage management and clearance.

And this company to provide expert advice in the field of international transport and transit the goods to European. Asian countries , custom procedures and custom clearance from the customs and exporting to European and Asian countries from buying to delivering of goods and carrying out all administrative procedures and executive relative to export and import and goods transit, providing reports daily to you.

Its to be able that far away your mind the concern of the intellectual in the field of foreign trade  and solve the part of the problems with performing from the first to the end of the purchase of foreign, remittance currency, carriage and transit and custom procedures with relying on almighty god and your expert staff, strong communication and capabilities of the logistics of your and with the use of the latest rules and regulations of international transportation .trading and custom procedures and parallel to it, interest of expert the purchase of foreign performing foreign remittances, insurance, transportation, the goods clearance.

This will enable the company made in the best possible way and will cover with the lowest time. Any commercial operations, import and export and clearance and custom procedures advise.

RAH AZIN JADE INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION COMPANY has been focus on your engagement the entrance to the market competitive and support services with a focus on commercial transportation.









                                                                                                                                                         -BUYING THE GOODS.


Custom services and the goods clearance:

One of the honor of the company is having a licensed brokerage global customs s Iran custom that utilizes highly qualified personnel and features potential, ready to supply customs service, goods clearance and transit.

-Special clearance cosmetics with 15 years of experience.

-Obtaining licensed clearance and issuing cosmetics and health and its ordering registered clearance of wall paper, parquet and furniture

-clearance of any kind of authorized goods to import from Tehran customs (shahriar, gharb ika customs) from west of country customs (maku free zone, Bazargan ,jolfa,sahlan) from south customs(bandar abbas and bushehr ) especially cosmetics and health, furniture, devices, industrial,machinery, parquet and wall paper.

-performing any kind of records-tariff and value of Iran custom.

- exporting the variety of manufactured goods of the country to the remotest parts of the world.

Recording to possession of a fleet-wide under the treaty and rented in the country, this company have enough abilities in order to transport all domestic shipments ranging from governmental and non-governmental.

The company, in terms of the potential suitable and there capabilities among the transport private and governmental companies from a position of impressive.


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